Where to Find Recipe Inspiration

Recipes are handed down, invented, innovated or inspired by another. In today’s world, we have innumerable ways to access various sources for interesting recipes that can inspire us to prepare our own versions of different dishes. The internet itself is a huge source of many sites that are home to millions of easy and complicated dish recipes. We can use these recipes just like how their initial authors have uploaded to the sites or make them motivate us to create a completely new form of numerous food varieties.

Here are few websites that we can look into for recipe inspiration:

Tasty is a part of the American internet media company, BuzzFeed found in 2006. This is a treasure chest of delightful food recipes that are even recorded as short videos uploaded into the YouTube. The team works hard to make us familiar with the techniques and steps involved in each and every recipe with ease and simplicity. Tasty also has a number of items for the vegan community around us thus extending the possibility of trying out new preparations for them as well.



A site packed with a variety of dishes that will certainly inspire the aspiring cook in you to make the most out of your skills. Besides the website they provide you access through application for your mobile, YouTube videos, magazine, etc. The story behind launching All Recipes itself is one of inspired cooking thus it passes on the legacy to the millions of followers with vigour and enthusiasm.



The award winner in the set of sites that inspire your recipes! Good food also has a magazine and other media sources to reach you but besides all that, they organize live events for its followers to gather and share the common interest in spreading smiles through good food.


Even though the sites give you huge access to innumerable recipes, inspiration can still happen from other sources like cookbooks from long back, historical mentions of exotic and hearty food, travelling around the world exploring the different cuisines from different places, magazines and so on.


  • Cookbooks sometimes give us a detailed description of how and what technique to be used for a particular recipe without being confused by anything. ‘The Joy of Cooking’ is a real encyclopedia for all cooking enthusiasts around the world. First published in the year 1931 it still stands tall as the best seller among cookbooks around the world.


  • Among the different websites with recipes, Migrationology can be called as the inspiring instinct. This is not a cooking related channel, but it presents before us a number of different recipes from around the world for us to try out in our home kitchens.


  • Cooking magazines not only provide us with recipes but also keep us updated with all the news related to food and cooking from around the world. We will be introduced to new techniques and methods through the different sections.