Top Foods In Your Home That Attract Pests

No one wants creepy crawlies and other bugs hanging out inside of their home, and what you have in your kitchen is the primary draw for those unwanted guests.  Even when you keep your home super clean, you still have to store food.  

It helps to understand what foods attract pests and how to properly store those foods, so the bugs can’t infiltrate your stock.  If you already have an issue, your first step would be to call a pest control specialist to take care of the problem.  

Then, make sure you arm yourself with knowledge for the future.  Here is a quick look at some of the top foods in your home that attract pests.  

Fruits and veggies 

Fresh produce can draw annoying fruit flies into your home.  A fruit basket on the kitchen counter may look nice, but it’s an inviting sight to a fly looking to expand its family.  

If you don’t want to deal with these pesky roommates, it’s best to store your fresh fruits and veggies inside of your refrigerator.  Place them in your crisper drawer to make it all the more difficult for flies to lay their eggs.  

Sugar grains and baked goods

Sugar grains and sugary foods are prime feeding real estate for ants.  If you don’t want to share your home with an army of ants, you’ll have to make certain there’s no sweet leftovers on the countertops or floors.  

Store your sugar in a tightly sealed container, and make sure all of your baked goods are kept in containers too.  Enjoy the sweeter things in life, and store your sugary foods properly. 

Boxed foods in the pantry

You probably have some cereal, pasta, or oats in your pantry right now, and that means that you have the capacity to provide a good meal for pests.  Dry foods in the pantry like spaghetti, beans, or flour can draw Indian meal moths.  

It helps to purchase your dried foods in small enough quantities that you will use it up quickly.  Use older foods first to keep them cycling, and toss foods that have been in your pantry for more than a year.  

Peanut butter is a tasty treat

Peanut butter has some pretty amazing nutritional qualities for you, and you’re not the only one who thinks it’s a tasty treat.  Cockroaches and rodents love the smell and taste of your peanut butter even more than you do!

Make sure your peanut butter jars are closed correctly before putting them back in the pantry for storage.  Also, don’t leave any peanut butter remnants lying around the kitchen.  

Leftover crumbs on the counter/floor

Never sleep on a crummy situation in your home.  If there are crumbs of food on the floor, you’re offering a buffet for pests.  Keep floors tidy, and you’ll have a new defense against invaders.