Things to Look For in a Chef Knife

Far from the usual or common knives that everyone uses in their kitchens, a chef’s knife has to be different.  Of course, why wouldn’t it be? A chef, as a matter of profession and duty, is bound to lay their hands on different food material having different sizes and texture. Most of these require cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing or even drilling with the use of a chef’s knife.

As a chef, you are definitely going to need knives that are capable of performing the job that you want them to perform. You definitely a very suitable chef’s knife is the dream of every great chef.

Below, I shall be sharing with you five things that you need to look for in whatever knife you are going to be purchasing as a chef. As a matter of fact, purchasing knives with these features would make your

The Handle

It hasn’t come as a surprise that the handle of a chef’s knife comes first in the list of what to look for in a chef’s knife. Pretty much whatever you would be able to do with a chef’s knife in your hands as a chef will be grossly determined by the kind of handle that the knife possesses. Typically, a top Chef’s knife should have a handle that is firm. It should be easy to handle and not slippery even when wet. It is therefore important that you feel the surface of the handle with your hands. If it is too smooth, there are chances that it won’t be firm enough.

The Edge

Seen a great chef’s knife with very blunt edge before? Obviously that’s very rare. A chef’s knife is truly defined by its sharpness. A chef’s knife should be able to cut through whatever you want it to cut. You also need to check the line of the blade to be sure it’s even. If there is a part of the blade line that is bent, you wouldn’t want to purchase such a chef’s blade because you wouldn’t be able to get a perfect result when you are cutting, slicing or dicing your food stuff.

The Size

As a chef, you need to check out the sizes of the knives you are looking to purchase for your business. A single size obviously cannot be useful for all the kitchen essentials. For example, the knife you would use to cut a small onion, would be small, whereas the knife you would use to cut a pineapple would have to be bigger. Like the popular English word, “it’s different stroke for different folks.” Same way, as chef, you should be looking at buying a knife set that has different sizes that can fit all the kitchen works you would have. So it is really imperative that you consider the size of the chef’s knife that you want to purchase from any store.


Conclusively, getting a set knife as a chef is important, but more importantly you should be looking at the right chef’s knife features before you buy one.