The Importance of Good Nutrition & Clean Eating

The subject of food nutrition and how it relates to good health have been a well-debated topic. People of different cultures and ethnic groups have been eating different foods for thousands of years. In today’s world most of our foods are unnatural and processed, and our dietary needs have changed little from the Stone Age. It’s important to start young by beginning a healthy diet in order to protect ourselves against chronic diseases like obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes. Our ancestors never had the wheat flour, sugar and fat that we now consume regularly. This is why FOOD NUTRITION HEALTH is so important.

There are many people who feel that the word “food” itself means good and healthy. While there are many excellent foods out there, it’s impossible to eat everything that’s available because food expands and sometimes it gets left behind in other meals. Foods are categorized into four broad groups: animal foods, dairy products, legume foods, and vegetable foods. Animal foods are poultry, fish, and mammals; dairy products come mainly from milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and other dairy products; legume foods are beans, lentils, nuts and other root vegetables; and vegetable foods include fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals and grain products.

One important factor in healthy living is keeping your body as clean as possible. It’s important to wash your hands regularly, but more importantly, you should wash the food you eat and drink carefully. Food and drinks that are properly washed can go through your system much more quickly and stay cleaner longer.

Another factor in healthy living is drinking enough water. Water is very important for the health of the cells and organs, so you should always strive to drink the recommended eight to ten glasses a day. Also be sure to chew your food thoroughly, especially foods that are high in sugar such as cookies, cakes, candy and other sweets. These sweet foods cause blood sugar levels to rise too quickly, which leads to highs and lows in your blood sugar. Excess sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth to create unhealthy plaque and cavities.

The fourth factor is making sure you portion control your foods. Meals that are too large can make you hungry very quickly. Instead, opt for foods that have smaller portions and that keep you feeling full. Foods that are too small often don’t provide the calories needed to maintain your healthy diet.

You may also want to think about portion sizes when it comes to healthy eating. If you’re eating a big meal, split it up into several smaller meals. This way, you won’t feel as hungry at the end of the meal. Remember that healthy eating involves a variety of foods. Don’t get caught up in the “clean eating” craze. Eat properly and clean up your diet and you will reap the many rewards of having a healthy body and mind.