Ten Kitchen Essentials

If you are a cooking enthusiast, your kitchen needs to be like the library of culinary essentials. Make sure that even simplest of your gear is of best manufacture and finish. This can aid you to be trained as a professional.

Let’s look at few kitchen essentials:


This is the all-rounder in the game of cooking. If you’re down to just one utensil make sure it is a skillet because it can help you in sauteing, broiling, frying and even baking. The decent size for a convenient skillet can be found as 10”. You can choose from stainless steel, non-stick or cast iron.


Choosing the best knife that suits and improves your talent is a real task. It should be perfect in your grip, not causing any unwanted danger and giving out the best of your skills. An 8”-10” blade will be the right choice for your use and keeping it sharp throughout should be your prime concern.


The primary step to a tidy kitchen and clean hands are definitely spoons. There is a wide range of materials and sizes, make sure you choose right.


When you have a crowd to feed, a pot can save you from all dilemma! Stainless steel or enamelled cast iron can be the preferred material but for the even heat distribution for the better cooking experience. Soups, pasta, sauces or your personalised broth can all be comfortably prepared in the spacious pot.


One kitchenware that gets hurt every time we touch it, but your knife loses its sharpness with the wrong material being used. Hardwood boards are always preferred but bamboo is also a good choice with cheaper price.


This is another tool that is used in various preparations from baking to simply making a tea. It has to be chosen by looking at the appropriate mesh size and the best material for your purpose.


Mixing all the ingredients together and storing leftovers are the two tasks fulfilled by mixing bowls. We should make sure its made of a non-reactive metal to avoid reaction with the food.


A little less or a little more of the ingredients can sometimes make your dish taste nothing as you intended hence the use of measuring cups. There need to be two sets of measuring cups in your disposal one for the dry ingredients and one for the wet ingredients


A smaller size will make your cooking easier and more over the flavours will be given out more evenly than chunky pieces. Now multi-purpose graters are made available in the market, for shredding cheese, carrots, potatoes and even garlic, ginger and other spices.


Keeping our hands neat and tidy is as important as keeping our workstation clean. Another use of side towels turns up when you handle with hot pots or pans. It can aid as a holder to avoid yourselves from getting burned by the heat.