Super Easy Vegan Dishes

From salads to tofu and more, vegan dishes can be as versatile as their delicious ingredients. From smoothies to meat-free stews, vegan cooking has many options. To find a truly fulfilling vegan diet, however, you need to think outside the box and beyond the breakfast bar. After all, we don’t often think of dessert as being vegan – unless it’s banana bread. Here are some delicious vegan dishes that are not only delicious but also good for you.


Cashews is high in magnesium and other trace minerals, so they make a great base for any sauce. Try a vegan version of colby-jack cheese with cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and olive oil. Another great base for sauces is carrot and garlic spread. Just combine carrot and garlic in a bowl and add some water to whisk away any excess flour. Sprinkle some nutritional yeast into the mix and serve with some crackers to absorb the garlic and carrot flavors.


One of the most popular vegan dishes around at the moment is pasta. You can make the same dishes over again or come up with your own creative twists. If you’re preparing a lasagna, try substituting your vegan pasta recipe for spinach pasta and make your own fettuccini Alfredo. The options are endless and well worth taking a few risks to get that delightful result.


My favorite type of vegetarian dish is gourmet beets. They have a strong nutty aroma and wonderful flavor, which is why they make such great ingredients for savory and delicious vegetarian recipes. If you try a recipe with gourmet beets, be careful not to overprocess them. You’ll want to retain the natural flavor, which means reducing the moisture content and adding in water or liquid. Also, be careful not to use too many spices in these dishes, as they will overwhelm the natural taste.


Italian sausage is one of the more famous vegan dishes around. It’s so common that I almost never see an Italian restaurant without this staple of vegan dishes. I love gourmet Italian sausage, because it has such a fine flavor that you don’t need to substitute something. You can just use the pepper and onion for the flavor, which is why I love gourmet Italian sausage so much. There are many different types of sausage, but there’s nothing like Italian.


Often thought of as the “cheese pizza” of the world, this super easy vegan dishes use chickpeas to give you a hearty, cheesy sauce that you can dip into! Start by sauteing your chickpeas in some tahini sauce, then throw in your veggies and herbs. When it’s all blended, you can add in your cheeses, and then onto the pizza roll. Easy, delicious, and good for you.