Planning Your Christmas Day Meal

Christmas reaches its completeness when there is good food with filled tummies. The dishes should also be those favouring the kids and elders alike. Hence, planning a Christmas day meal extremely important and needs much attention and care avoid any kind of unwanted stress coming up when you stand at the threshold of all the fun and joy. People should feel the warmth and care through the dishes you’ve prepared with love.

Another thing to keep in our minds while planning an extensive meal like this is to evenly divide the calories in each dish and not to cause digestion problems for anyone who part takes in it. So there needs to be a thoughtful approach to the selection of ingredients in different dishes.

Here are some interesting suggestions for the various courses:




If you are planning a fully rounded Christmas meal with an appetizer, main course and dessert there needs to be a clear idea as to what all the three dishes are going to be. The dishes should also compliment each other very well to avoid one course tasting better than the other. Health should also be bought into consideration and make sure the calorie level is under control.


Taste Of Home has some lip-smacking appetizer recipes that are also healthy for you and your family. They have an extensive menu with meat and non-meat options to choose from. Another joy of Christmas meal preparations come with everyone in the family joining in for the cooking and dressings. This website has some really simple and interesting dishes for which you can be helped by the little ones too.



This is the course that is meant to keep you feel all the flavours in a single plate. It is meant to be the most filling and wholesome dish. A protein source like meat or fish would be the main choice of an ingredient when we normally plan the main course.  People even refer to it as the ‘meat course’ for the overwhelming importance we have given to all the meaty preparations since forever.

Martha Stewart is presenting us with some really heartful main course recipes that can bring a flavourful climax for your taste buds. There are few options for the veggie nerved ones as well. This can create in you the enthusiasm for trying out more than one main course dish for the single meal.



Oh, the sweet tooth bite we all get when the main course finishes! Yet, this shouldn’t take away the flavours of that fine main dish you had earlier. Apart from the traditional egg nog and sticky toffee pudding we have many new options to pick from.

Country Living aids our sweet craving with some delicious Christmas desserts. There are some new dishes employing the peppermint flavour with so much innovation. Adding fresh or cooked fruits can reduce the added sugar and fat from each of the preparation.