5 Ingredients You Should Have At Home

You rush home from work thinking of putting together an easy comfort dish and tucking in as soon as possible. Getting home, you realise that the jar containing one of the most important ingredient remains empty. The disappointment will be huge. This is why we should be making sure that some ingredients never go missing from our kitchen. Most of these ingredients are employed in almost all of the dishes we prepare in our everyday cooking endeavours, therefore, there is a chance for these to finish off but keep a checklist ready to refill them immediately. We have tried listing out a few ingredients that are commonly used by us all.


  1. SALT


The main and important ingredient that can improve the flavour of any food. It is also one flavour that may be easily found missing with the very first bite of any dish. We now have a huge variety to choose from, ordinary table salt, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, etc. Hailing from Pakistan, the Himalayan pink salt is the purest form of salt in the world with 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body.


  1. SUGAR


We’ve heard people say, “Sugar is my poison!” It can be dangerous if consumed uncontrollably but missing them from the right dishes can be really heartbreaking. Apart from the normal granulated sugar, the market has different options like cane sugar, brown sugar, etc. These can be found healthier than the granulated sugar. Cane sugar is strictly produced from sugarcane and not from sugarbeet hence it is of the higher price tag.


  1. OIL


Besides frying, baking or roasting, even a simple salad dressing can sometimes require oil. We get the necessary fat content from a strictly monitored use of oil but when used in excess, it can also lead to difficult health conditions. Coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, etc are only a few of the many varieties of oils to choose from. Furthermore, these can be flavoured with spices according to our taste and liking.




One ingredient that can be used as a substitute for the fats and liquids in our cooking. They make up for the required sourness with the minimum content added but also needs to be monitored closely to avoid thinning. Using yoghurt also needs a lot of care like no over stirring, no quick heating, etc. We should also make sure it is taken in a non-reactive container to avoid further mishappening.




Seems like the odd one of the lot, huh? Onions are a real chest of flavour in itself. It can be employed in almost all of our curries, fries, soups or roasts besides being eaten raw or pickled by itself. Yellow, white and red onions are available in the market to be picked according to our necessity. Yellow is the standard cooking onion when the recipe doesn’t strictly ask for a particular type.


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