Cookies or Brownies?

This is one debate that is as old as time or better yet as old as cookies and brownies. Which is better? When they go head to head, which baked delicious treat comes on top of the other? Both camps have their fair share of strong arguments and both are passionate about their favourites. Cookies and brownies are perfect shareable desserts and are ideal for any occasion whether it is a friend’s birthday or you are getting rid of Sunday Scaries. The big question is which one of these delicious baked treats would you rather eat all day long? For those who are still on the fence below are some of the most compelling arguments for cookies vs brownies.


Both cookies and brownies are prepared using the same main ingredients and the only difference comes in the ratios of the ingredients used to prepare them. Brownies are formed from batter because they have a higher fat content while cookies are formed from a dough because they consist of a higher flour content. Both of these require a good cup of coffee or tea as an accompaniment to offer the best go-to choice snack.

Cookies Over Brownies

Chocolate chip cookies offer the perfect amount of chocolate, they can stand on their own, they are always the right choice, they require no fancy mix-ins and people like them. You can load up your cookies with chocolate chips and one sure thing is that it will always leave you yearning for more. In taste cookies are harder, they have a superior texture, they will never disappoint and cookies can be dunked in a glass of milk while brownies cannot.

Brownies Over Cookies

Brownies are for the advanced while cookies are for the weak, brownies are chewy, moist. Crumbly and crunchy. A box of brownies is always eager to surprise and they are way more versatile than cookies because they can be spruced up with a handful of chocolate chips, a toss of walnuts or even salted caramel. After being prepared brownies are softer and they are richer as compared to the weak cookies because the proportion of each ingredient used in brownies is higher when compared to that of cookies. To make things more interesting for team brownies is that brownies are thicker than cookies, they lack leavening and are dense and fudgy. It is worth noting that a brownie serving is about four times larger than that of a cookie serving.


Still haven’t decided yet? For a Box of Brownies or chocolate chip cookies, you don’t have to pick just one yet not unless you taste each of them at one sitting. This will take its toll on your taste buds as you will be in between a rock and a hard place. Whether you are team cookies or team brownies it all boils down to preference and there is no need to take a side since you can have the best of both worlds!