Canned Tomatoes – Canning Your Own Home Grown Tomatoes At Home

It’s probably one of the healthiest foods that should be incorporated during the daily staple food list. Water canning your own home grown tomatoes & other greens is an effective way to go to get more modern, healthy green vegetables long after the peak season has ended. You might find it expensive initially but the result will surely be worth the initial investment. There are a number of tips you need to keep in mind, to make this home made food a part of your daily eating routine.

The first thing you need to know is, which variety of tomato you want to grow. This can help greatly in determining the proper time of cooking. For example, tomatoes generally grow best when they are placed on the sun. During noon, the heat from the sun is not so intense and at night they are even more sensitive to the light. Canning your own tomatoes at this time of the day ensures they retain the majority of their vitamins and mineral content.

A second rule in canning is that you should only boil water for the required amount of water to yield the desired result. Boiling the water beyond the point of maximum saturation encourages the growth of fungi that will surely bring problems. If you do not follow this rule, your tomatoes may turn black, peel, or have less than desirable taste. You will have wasted your time and money.

You should also pay attention to the type of tomatoes you choose. The kind of plant you have will have an effect on how the can be made. Keep in mind that some varieties tend to be sweeter than the others, and thus require a different procedure in canning. Some tomatoes like the warmth of the sun better, while others like the shade better. You have to learn about the different varieties and select accordingly to suit your taste.

The last but not least consideration is preparation of the water bath. Use clean and fresh water. It is advised to use distilled water because it contains very little minerals that could affect the taste of the tomatoes. Do not use tap water for this purpose because it is not as sterile as the bottled kind.

If you follow these canning tips, you can expect perfect result when you can the home grown tomatoes. They will retain all the essential nutrients and vitamins for long lasting health. These are just a few tips that you can follow to be able to produce great tasting canned tomato products. There are many more online sources that can help you in this undertaking.